Over 140 years in the fire alarm industry a leader in detection and alarm solutions. In the last 140 years Edwards continues to push their business with solutions that integrate smoke control, mass notification and security with the fire alarm control panels. Hardware is not the only way they innovate, they are one of the few large fire alarm companies that work with Strategic Partners for the distribution, installation and maintenance of their fire alarm, mass notification and security solutions.

Engineering Systems Technology is proud to be and EST Strategic Partner, an original strategic partner from the time Edwards decided to implement the Strategic Partner Program. A key benefit to the EST Strategic Partner program is the benefit our end-users receive from competition by the various strategic partners in their area. Some other large companies that manufacture, install and maintain their own products have the end-user at a disadvantage. Not providing choice or competition when the time comes for services, allowing them to set what ever price suits their needs. This simple distinction made by the Edwards company ensures our end-users receive a competitive price for installation and repairs, by having an open market of strategic partners in the area to perform these various functions.

EST Strategic Partner program is not a simple badge, strategic partners are deeply integrated with the organization providing critical feedback that ensure all aspects of the business are considered. Edwards also can ensure technical excellence from their strategic partners by providing training and certification. This combination of excellence in hardware and excellence in sales and service personnel have made Edwards a leader in the field.

Fire Alarm Systems

EST3 logoEST 3

EST3 is a robust modular control panel that unifies fire alarm, security and mass notification systems. The EST3 fire alarm system is a leader in the field
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EST3X logoEST 3X

EST3X is a next generation fire alarm system, with new multi-message displays, innovative controls, intuitive interface, new microprocessors and bold colors.
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io-Series logoiO 500

The iO-Series panels provide a new standard in small building life safety. This small panel packs a punch and like its larger cousins the EST3
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Fireshield Plus logoFireShield Plus

FireShield Plus is an excellent conventional panel priced for small projects. This conventional panels while low in cost is high in value.
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Sales are the starting point of any fire alarm system. Whether you're a contractor, building owner, property manager or building engineer, the sales team at EST will get you started in the right direction. Working together, we can help you achieve any size fire alarm system project.

Our turnkey solution can provide you with estimates, system design, sealed drawings for permits, permitting, rough installation, device termination, programming and certification of any fire alarm project. Even when your job is done, our job continues as we provide the end-user.

For contractors working in South Florida, counties like Miami-Dade require your installation to be UL certified. No need to worry. We are a UL certified installer of central station service for fire alarm systems S24019 ensuring a smooth and successful installation of any fire alarm system.


A core value at EST is to help you achieve more, and installation is another key part of this process. Our installation team is structured to tackle any size project you may have. Here are some of the types of projects we have worked on through the years

Remodeling: Typically, remodeling is prominent in South Florida with the large number of high-rise buildings. Working with contractors or tenants, we provide all types of services for relocation or the addition of fire alarm devices in suites. However, our remodeling is not limited to high-rise buildings. We have worked on remodeling jobs for mall tenant spaces, hospitals and many buildings that are changing their architecture in a way that the additions need to interact with the larger fire alarm system.

Retrofits: A large part of retrofits is upgrading obsolete systems to new standards and codes. In most instances, if you maintain the Edwards system in the building, we can reuse some of the existing components. That will reduce the cost of updating your fire alarm systems to the newer hardware. We have successfully completed whole-system replacements by managing both new and existing systems, which reduces the cost of the installation by avoiding having the building on fire watch.

New Installation: New construction projects can be lengthy and tough to manage. Let our team handle any or all of this for you

  • Conduit
  • Wiring
  • Termination of Devices
  • Programming of New Systems
  • Integration to Smoke Control Systems
  • Provide support for Electricians
  • Inspections
  • Testing and Certification


Maintenance and service play a key role in extending the life of your fire alarm system. It is important when issues arise with your fire alarm system that repairs are scheduled as quickly as possible. This ensures that your system can meet the required Florida codes, but more importantly, it provides peace of mind to your tenants knowing their fire alarm systems are in proper working order.

As an Edwards strategic partner, we strive to have common parts in stock to improve repair times of your fire alarm system. We keep a large inventory of signature series devices for EST3, EST3X, iO 500, iO 64 and FireShield Plus fire alarm systems. See our Frequently Used Parts List for some of the common items we keep in stock.

To schedule a repair contact our office @ 305-823-7444 we're available 24hrs every day of the year. Simply provide our personnel with your building information and they will be able to assist you. We are confident will be able to handle any fire alarm system repair you may have.


Inspections are an integral part of ensuring your fire alarm system is functional and up to code. At EST, we can accommodate inspections ranging from quarterly to annually depending on your needs. When performing inspections, our certified field service representatives perform a series of tests to ensure the system is working properly. Here are some of the tests that are usually carried out during the inspection

  • Inspection of indicating devices (horns, strobes, speakers, bells)
  • Test of all initiating devices (smoke detector, heat detector, pull stations, duct detector, beam detector
  • Inspection and test of control panel (display, lights, buttons, buzzers)
  • Perform battery test in alarm condition

Our certified field service representatives will tag and certify all equipment tested, and provide the end-user with an NFPA form detailing all systems tested and their results. In order to improve turn-around time, all deficiencies are submitted electronically to our service personnel who can determine the next course of action to have your fire alarm system brought up to code.


System Monitoring is an important and mandatory part of your fire alarm system. With EST's monitoring service, our detection system will quickly notify you of a fire in the earliest stages. Code requires that two land lines be used to monitor your fire alarm system. With updates to NFPA, radio communication has been accepted as a possible means of communication. Find out how EST can save you more than $1,400 a year* by switching to a radio module.**

AES logo

AES is a manufacturer of wireless radios that are UL Listed for Commercial Fire Alarm use. AES employees a mesh network approach to their radio communication. One advantage to this technology is that no additional charge is incurred for the transmission of your fire alarm signals, no matter how many signals are sent.

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* Approximate savings are with AT&T, starting price at $60 per month for a business land line.

** Radio communication is subject to availability; free radio signal strength analysis available.

FireCMD logo

FireCMD.com is a new and innovative cloud based solution for viewing the status of your fire alarm system, in realtime from your phone, tablet or desktop computer. To find out more on this new innovative service give us a call today. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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Runner Service

NFPA 72 requires that supervising station alarm systems, dispatch a runner or technician to the protected premises to arrive within 2 hours after receipt of a signal if equipment needs to be manually reset by the prime contractor. Except where prohibited by the authority having jurisdiction, the runner or technician shall be permitted to be recalled prior to arrival at the premises if a qualified representative of the subscriber at the premises can provide the necessary resetting of the equipment and is able to place the system back in operating condition.

Miami-Dade logoMiami-Dade has enacted ordinance 14-66(4) to enforce runner service and preventive maintenance contracts for fire alarm systems categorized as supervising station alarm systems.

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Miami Beach Fire Department logoMiami Beach Fire Department standards NEWC-S13 simplifies the requirements adopted by Miami-Dade ordinance 14-66(4)

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To ensure your property in any of these cities meet these requirements give us a call today, one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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Frequently Used Parts List


202-7A-T15/75 cd Synchronized Strobe, White. UL1971 Listed @ 15 cd (75 cd On Axis Per ADA/UL 1638), inchFIRE inch Wall Orientation.


270A-SPOPull Station, Noncoded, Break Glass, Metal, Single Pole, Open Circuit, Wire Leads.


278B-1110Pull Station, Noncoded, Double Action, Break Glass, Plastic, Single Pole, Open Circuit, Screw Terminals, Wire Leads.


757-7A-SS7015/75 cd Speaker/Strobe - 70V, Red. Strobe: UL 1971 Listed @ 15 cd (75 cd on-axis per ADA/UL1638), inchFIRE inch wall orientation.


757-7A-T15/75 cd Temporal Horn/Strobe - 24 Vdc, Red. UL1971 Listed @ 15 cd (75 cd On Axis Per ADA/UL 1638), inchFIRE inch Wall Orientation.


757-8A-RS70110 cd Re-entrant Speaker/Strobe - 70V, White. Strobe: Meets sleeping area requirement. UL 1971 Listed @ 110 cd, inchFIRE inch wall orientation..


757-8A-T110 cd Temporal Horn/Strobe - 24 Vdc, Red. UL1971 Listed @ 110 cd, inchFIRE inch Wall Orientation. Meets Sleeping Area Requirements.


CS405-8A-TStrobe w/TB EST


G1F-HDMulti-cd temporal horn-strobe, hi/lo dB - 24V, White w/FIRE.


G1F-HDVMMulti-cd temporal horn-strobe, hi/lo dB - 24V, White.


G1F-VMMulti-cd strobe - 24V, White w/FIRE.


G1RF-HDVMMulti-cd temporal horn-strobe, hi/lo dB - 24V, Red w/FIREe.


G4F-S7VMSpeaker-strobe (70V), multi-tap, multi-cd, White w/FIRE.


GCF-HDVMCeiling mount horn-strobe, multi-cd (15/30/75/95cd), temporal hi/lo dB output, 24V - White w/FIRE.


GCF-S7Genesis Ceiling Speaker - 70V, FIRE marking, mounts to 4 inch square x 2-1/8 inch box.


GCF-S7VMGenesis Ceiling Speaker-strobe - 70V, 15-95 multi-cd, FIRE marking, mounts to 4 inch square x 2-1/8 inch box.


GCF-VMGenesis Ceiling Strobe - 15-95 multi-cd, FIRE marking, mounts to 4 inch square x 2-1/8 inch box.


SD-TRKSD Remote Reset/Test, 2W/SIG.


SD-TRK4Duct Detector Accessory, Remote Test/Reset Station/Key.


SIGA-270Manual Pull Station - Single Action, 1-stage.


SIGA-278Manual Pull Station - Double Action, 1-stage.


SIGA-CC1Single Input (Riser) Module. Features a built-in RING TONE generator; use for switching a single signal or audio circuit.


SIGA-CC1SSingle Input (Riser) Module with strobe synchronization output.


SIGA-CT1Single Input Module. Single circuit input module for use with Normally Open Contact devices. Four selectable personality codes for Alarm latching, or Alarm Delayed latching, or non-latching monitor or latching supervisory.


SIGA-CT2Dual Input Module. Two circuit input module for use with Normally Open Contact devices. Four selectable personality codes (on each circuit) for Alarm latching, or Alarm Delayed latching, or non-latching monitor or latching supervisory.


SIGA-LEDRemote Alarm LED. Use with -SB and -SB4 Standard Base only.


SIGA-PSIntelligent Photoelectric Smoke Detector.


SIGA2-PSIntelligent Second Generation Photoelectric Smoke Detector.


SIGA-SDSuperDuct, Signature Series duct smoke detector.


SIGA2-HFSIntelligent Second Generation Fixed Temperature Heat Detector - 135F.


SIGA2-HRSIntelligent Second Generation Fixed Temperature / Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector - 135F, 15F per minute.

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